About me

About me


Mauri Åhlberg

Professor, Ph.D., Forager Educator (since 2015), Teacher Educator (1980 -2014)

I am an Emeritus Professor of Biology and Sustainability Education (University of Helsinki). I was a Teacher Educator from 1980 to  2014. After retirement, I took many foraging courses in Finland and visited other countries,  and finally, I  became a Forager Educator in 2016.After my retirement in 2013, I have studied the latest research (2016 – 2020) on wild edible plants. I have explained in plain English what researchers have found.

In the year 2020, I have published two books based on the latest (2016 – 2020) research on wild edible plants: (1) A detailed handbook: Local Wild Edible Plants (WEP) Practical conclusions from the latest research: Healthy food from local nature. Pages 584, over 1700 references of research articles, 94 species with a) globally an extensive distribution, b) long history of use, and c) phytochemical and toxicological research for safe use. Each species description includes a table of health-promoting compounds and how they promote health according to the latest research. (2) A shorter Field Guide: Practical conclusions from the latest research: Field Guide to Local Wild Edible Plants (WEP): Healthy food from local nature. I have enlarged photos for better learning to recognize species, left only health-promoting conclusions, details, and omitted references.

In 2019, I published my first Finnish paperback book of wild edible plants, based on the latest research (2016 – 2019). In 2020, I published an Amazon Kindle e-book of it as a replica of the physical book.

I use NatureGate® to check my recognition of species. It is the best online identification tool I know.